Saturday, July 19, 2014


The planets spin around in an orbit of the Sun. Harmony through your ears, twelve tone for the well observed and a structure rearranged by future composers. The arrangement of the heavens is harmonic and the structure of the universe takes the planets differently with weight over mass over the substance they were formed with, spinning at a different rate to one another with the moons spinning around together. One plus one equals a different universe and three equals five plus one, God takes your heart to another place contemplating the universe and harmonic structure equals the contemplation of the stars. The planets look like stars from earth at nighttime, with a view of the stars above, the Sun is reflected to earth and with the changing patterns we notice a movement of earths position in the universe. Seasonal changes nominate twelve stars of the zodiac, this provides harmony and we notice the seasons in the garden, God tells us this with the flowers come Spring. The harmony in your garden is nominated in Gods divine work and reflected in the heavens.