Thursday, July 24, 2014


In the creation of the world a Heaven was nominated through our hearts and God had to educate us down gently as to where Heaven was. The Heaven was spherical and consisted of a centre so, like the nucleus of every human cell, the centre of the earth has a core and has an outer layer as the centre of the heart is where God enters in. So, every human cell represents to God where Heaven is for the human heart, the golden place. Heaven is on earth and can be seen in Gods divine garden but the special place you take yourself at death, through the last door, is between you and God. The gold, the quicksilver to love, the mercury of the philosophers delight takes takes wings with Gods theories generated through an individual to make a new and ever occurring evaluation of the divine spirit in mans heart for the ever organic process of nature, growth of the spirit of man. This love through Gods divine gold takes your heart to him and he loves you in your garden. To reach God in an understanding of philosophy takes you to where you need to observe God in the garden. I love God to love the rosebush.