Thursday, July 17, 2014


The seventh cycle of the seventh moon equals Satan. Take the seventh cycle of seven plus seven and the continued rebirth of the number seven through the seventh sphere to continue cycling around the moon seven times and on the seventh hour pray to God for forgiveness for seven reasons possibly sins to God. And on the seventh day at the seventh hour pray to God that the devil is not near and remember God has seven eyes for forgiveness and seven ways to forgive a sin. Seven times seven equals forty nine and that is when God appears to Satan to tell him who has sinned. The sin of God is not to listen to Satan seven times and the wheels turn around clockwise seven times to equal Hell. If you dance for Satan seven times you are no longer part of Gods domain and dance for Satan only. Seven hours of the day have to elapse and on the seventh moon the devil will appear to all sin to wash the feet of Mary. God bless the sacred seven times an hour to acknowledge their worth seven times to take the devil away. The garden of love has seven eyes with seven colours of the seventh angel to take you seven times around the wheel of the garden of earthly delights.