Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Melbourne, Australia

Heaven is full of birds

Trees have leaves,
The leaves fall,
To the ground.

Deafening, birds flew, all around, darting, aloud, flying. Hearing wings, screeching, chirping, birds but darting flittering and catching glimpses of brightly coloured, wings. Angels in the sunlight would appear less. Appearing and disappearing. Fluttering-down-to-the-ground. Feathers would know a better home.

On the ground and up trees buzzing in the sunlight, bugs would find shelter with smaller crawling friends. All manner of smaller creatures, legged, winged and insect. Flying, sitting, squatting and being made food, gobbled up by birds. Birds flying out of heaven and the trees. Although, white, resplendent, and a heaven for the birds, no humans inhabited, the island of the big white bug. Cyclopedia, monsters would know a better home, one eyed, monstrous and enormous. Bugs and beetles.

Galloping over the starry sky are Bellerophon. Sons of Medusa. And springing from her head. Flew. Heaven is full of birds but when horses fly, you would think you had a vivid imagination, horses grow wings to fly. Feathered they may have been and for good reason, the immortal soul flies.

Galloping west not right, you would not think Centaurus would frequent the ground.

Stars would reach.


Golden cats, a silvery need. Snaking across the sky at night tell you. We are left in wonderment but the stars are our message. Telling us everything we need to know, all that is now. The stars are our understanding. If only we could read the stars. 

To reach for the stars, cosmologically, is to think of possibility. Lord Ganesha, clear my pathway. The pathway full of green leafed trees equals a future and birds sing, there. Stars are to be obtained along with dreams. Green are pathways of dreams. Of turf and earth so dreary, the earth may be for dreams, but pathways are forward and stars come out at night. We dream to dream of stars so sometime before heaven is born, we follow the pathway of birds. Birds look so happy in the sky gliding and singing their song. The trees travel heavenward. The reminder. Green, oh green, are thee. Leaves fall to the ground.

We walk over leaves, in Autumn. Big lumber trees need to be moved by elephants. Pathways through the forest clear the way. Elephants. The Holy Spirit is entwined. Clearing the stars at night, the gods will show you another universe. Lord Ganesha triumphantly blesses the sky, spraying water but you ride the sky and the stars. Zodiacs and the seven seas, the cosmic energy, we ride the seven heavens, our belly is full. Snaky, curly, energy like the tusks of elephants, grow, we curl. The energy of the cosmos.


Nicole Page-Smith