Tuesday, December 4, 2018

We are in love with God

We are in love with God

Earth is the soil and not the ground. To take yourself down to the darkness of the soul where God finds the ash in your heart is a dark place close to the matter of the spirit. We find life in Heaven where others are taken to God to take them out of Hell. The dark matter of the spirit takes us through a journey and in the earth flowers are planted to remind us of the love of God on Earth. At the end of the world there will be an intense bright light like we enter another universe with the contemplation of the soul. The atomic light will be the beginning of the world and all the universes as though life does not stop. Underneath the earth is the key, through to the centre of the Earth. As the waters were created so was the Earth. An indication of atomic energy is the stars and God takes us up there to view stars at night but you feel the darkness in between the stars at night almost contains the light in a different capacity. Atomic energy is the light but only in growing flowers in the garden and a handful of dirt. We walk the Earth. 

Dark matter is the soul. When you walk through the forest and view the birds on the trees, barefoot you can feel the earth underneath your feet. At night you hear the angels and by day you hear the birds. Stars gaze down on you on the Earth but trees feel, them looking as the earth is loved, by their light. Stars smile at you in the sky and respond to your gaze with a smile. Lying there at night the stars lie in the sky as though we dream. We dream a life but they dream a gaze and we speak we speak a language close to God. Stars are our language and we breathe. As we breathe and dream and feel they smile, stars smile our language for we are God. Earth is our language in the stars for they fall, to Earth. And be. We are for they were and want to be a star for they fell and said: "I love the Earth, for we walk." We walked the Earth that day but fell into a comets pathway. Shooting stars were seen all around but asteroids fall into the sea and were our creation for we were and we were, he and he said: "God love the Earth for we are one with it." One with the Earth is like the light of the stars and we fell to Earth and breathed the smell. We were in love with the Earth. Look where you walk for you walk on your pathway. Stars love you to love their reflection on the Earth. We are in love with God.

Nicole Page-Smith