Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A similar way

A similar way

For example, when platonic solids equal a rounded planet, you could and we are made to believe in a Christian way the Earth is round. The preposed theory the Earth is round has been the belief for almost five hundred years. The Earth is round and would look round from varying positions from out there in space if you were to view the Earth. However, in the general law of physics it would change shape and look almost the preposed theory of the Earth being flat but a disk angular on certain levels. Perspective would not help you a great deal as the truth of God is too hard to grasp. We look at an object and if you were to draw it on a piece of paper all sorts of our notion of God get in the way including a preconceived idea of the object drawn, our emotional level and so forth. Space-time and the speed of light and sound would explain what we see from outer space or what God sees and how God sees us but how light captures an object is something even divine geometry could not explain. Light is therefore our reflection.

If you think of the opposite of light and how darkness absorbs light you could contemplate what stars look like. Stars do illuminate themselves. We see stars from Earth on a clear night but up there in outer space they are simply like planet Earth, a lump of a rock floating around in the darkness of space in zero gravity and you could almost bash your spacecraft into one like driving along at night without headlights. Earth as a platonic solid could have you understand the play of light on a surface if you broke up a solid matter into square sections and realised where the light would disappear. The properties of dark matter are described by a similar understanding of light and what illuminates the soul is God. Light does actually come from an internal structure as with the platonic solid of Earth. Stars illuminate themselves and the planet Earth does behave in a similar way. Earth looks dark when you pick up a handful of it but is our illumination. How earth is broken down into particles of earth or the compositional structure of earth would illuminate how light works. If you compost earth and vegetable matter it does give off heat. We actually illuminate ourselves in a similar way.

Nicole Page-Smith