Monday, December 31, 2018

The equation of all life

The equation of all life

The Paradisiacal birdlife donated the seed of life and in the tree of love heavenly beings appear. We are the tree of life for the angels but birds, oh birds they do sing. We are the glory day of the angels in the garden but oh the angels do sing. We sound the trumpet but not the horn. You are one with the Lord above when you have the vision of angels and they sing to you to hear a common song of the Lord and oh, the angels are one and one with love they sing the sound of love. We are one with the angels and oh on high they bless our feet with love on a Christian pathway for the stars light the way above and, oh. We are love with the angels but how and why do they bless us so. Music is the equation of life for the angels for they sing like the angels in the trees but their voices are angelic. We do not usually hear the angels of a blessed morning but they are birds in the garden of love. Therefore, the equation of all life is God.

God is the birds and the angels and is why we are here on Earth but when we fell to Earth out of the garden of Paradise, God wanted us to learn about himself. We fell through Sin to observe Sin in the garden but the garden we fell to is the same garden of Paradise but Earth. To attain God in the heavenly garden of Paradise we pray to God but all of the gods are there to help us. Helping us back to Paradise and death with the angels in heaven above is the way to climb the tree of love and we sit there as birds and angels in trees. Birds are the friends of God but in the trees they sing. We are in the garden but fell. Is it a Sin to be human? Only in the face of man is it a Sin to be human. We are birds but we see like angels and are possessed with either good or evil but when possessed by both we Sin and are dead for God in his garden as though all life has died but all life would die to be renewed in the Garden of Eden but in Paradise we are born of love. We are born of love in the garden. Garden birds provided the love but we provided the seed. The seed of love is God. Love is the equation but all life is an equation of love.

The tree of love has branches and the Paradisiacal, birdlife, donates the seed. But, when there are birds, oh. Birds sit in trees but when they fly in the sky, oh. Birds sat in suicidal trees for God on the day of heaven and we said nigh. Spirits fly to God like angels but when they are trees, oh. The trees, flying is not a normal phenomena but when they are flying right out of the ground we will have to run. Running trees is not something we are aware of and the trees do move during the night. But, the Paradisiacal trees had birds and the bird flew in like the Virgin Mary tried to warn Eve in the garden of Adam but Adam said oh. Oh no, there sizzles the snake. Snaky, trees curl all around you in the garden with the roots of trees growing up through the earth but in Paradise we do not have earth we have stars. Stars are bright and they shine but when we have the snake be aware of your selves, for the Devil shows his face and it was because of the expulsion out of heaven took place. Snakes occur in the celestial maps of heaven on a regular basis but are associated accordingly with the planets and the zodiac signs of heaven. Birds fly like harpies through storms and sea torn places but oh. When the ship is seen in the sky, ah. The snake and ship do not make very good companions in the sky but we will not see her drift away. God will sound the trumpet. But oh, the garden in the sky and ah God donated the seed so we could fly off with angels. Celestial maps are for heavenly use only.

Nicole Page-Smith