Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Mother Earth

Mother Earth

God is the love in your heart but when we talk about the dark matter of the soul we are talking of the spirit. Ash is the darkness of the soul but burning we find God. Earth is the ground we walk on but the spirit's earth is of a different substance. We are of the earth like a plant might grow. The spirit's earth is in the ground but different to how you could be imagining as we came to Earth out of starlight. As the Sun burns off helium so do stars give off, a light. The light of the stars does reflect in the Earth like another substance or minerals. Stars illuminate themselves but so does the Earth and in a different way cause our light. We shine in the Earth as you would imagine diamonds, gold or opals may do. Gold is of the church in the tabernacle but when it is of the Earth it is any of God's worth in Mother Earth, flowers rise forth. All God's divine glory day for thee take you to mystical proportions of the spirit. The Holy Spirit is of the church and is your churchyard father. The Holy Ghost is like the breath and the spirit's worth but the Holy Father or of the Earth is our substance. Life on Earth should not be close to Mars. But, an earthly life is what we have to look forward to as people unto God. Dark matter of the spirit is our Earth and we fly off to God. In contemplation we are Earth. Flowers are our thorn but of the Earth we rise. We are of a beautiful ascension.  

Earth. We are Mother Earth. The dark matter of the spirit is of the Earth and the depth of your heart. Birds sing on the trees in the morning. When, Mother Nature arises us from our dreams, we sleep but arise. And, as though walking while we sleep more than sleepwalking we walk only to wakeup of another nature. Earth is of our nature although we are not asleep on the ground. We walk amongst all earthly creatures and are human although animals are our friends. Birds fly above us like the dove. Spirits fly through Earth but earth is our spirit. We fly as with dark matter like shooting stars through our selves and when stars fly through you your path is your own but the nominated pathway to God. Christian pathways and all pathways of the divine show stars like a lighted garden path with garden lights at night. We are on the earth though and may come from somewhere else. Mother Earth.

Nicole Page-Smith