Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Does suggest cellular theory

Does suggest cellular theory

Soul is what the earth's matter consists of in the Book of Genesis. Butterflies and butterfly creatures fly with fauns. Fauns and spirits fly with the ancestors flown high and fly with clouds and star patterns in the sky nominate her worth for they are and never were real, only a reality for God. Spirits of Earth have flown to angels but the earth god of the tree grows new branches. Red trees are like ventricles of the heart. Roman temples will be known for eternity in the garden but angels fly. Gardens of red plants with green leaves grow with cats and walk the earth with fur. Hybrid species of bird and cat are like a new, formed animal, we do not know and other creatures modeled on humans. Feathered varieties of monsters were snaky in the knowing. Winged creatures. Elephants were a godly  
birth but the lion, clawed. We were worked out by design in the garden but modelled on humans. Dark matter was our hand for the tilled earth, God barked. Creatures with large wings were like insects, overgrown. Find your soul for God.

In the primordial waters of chaos, we arose. Long ago in the history of time there was an idea of the reflection of the Earth. Stars reflect the Earth. There is a cube inside planet earth and this would inform God of the material of Earth, what it consists of in an earthly molecular structure and the variety you could pick up and have crumble in your hand. Atomic structures of the product of earth are variable for example, if you had a cube made out of a soft product and squashed it a little the sides of the cubes could be different in proportion. The very difference is interesting here as you would imagine as we came to Earth as any variety of structures that contain earth, the atmosphere may have changed the molecular structure and squashed the cube, slightly, here nor there, to make the difference. Although it is preposed in biblical text with various understanding we arose out of the earth and primal waters more or less, they created us. We are created out of the Earth and almost grew like trees. But, then if you consider a cube to be situated in the planet Earth as a squared circle of the self you could imagine how man was created. A squared circle does explain how God came to man or had the idea of our being. Human being cells might explain cubes. The atomic structure of Earth being variable does suggest cellular theory.

Nicole Page-Smith