Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Out there in the cosmos, we float

Out there in the cosmos, we float

The Sun darkened on the day of the Lord and the eclipse of the moon drew breath, for we are one with the Lord. Fire was the atomic energy of the stars and were one with the day of the Lord for he said he. The skies darkened the clouds and there was eternal night. The void is the stars and we see them because of the fire. The Earth absorbed the fire, energy and it is called Earth for the Sun. The realms of Heaven between the Earth and the Sun are other planets, angel realms closer to the Sun contain the one and he said an angel's name. The fire god extinguishes the Sun with a gaseous view. We no sooner understand the properties of the Sun than the energy of light but we see. When illuminated we are darkened and we are in a void of understanding. We are one with the world and fiery is our view. The world was created like a furnace and Vulcan toiled with the Sun. The energy of the heavens is our Lord above and our view as a darkened night of heaven. We are enlightened like the colours of autumn leaves and red and orange like the Sun and moon close to the Earth. Fire is the heart of heaven and smoulders. As the rising Sun and the rising moon are we one? On the day of the Lord the world darkened.

There was darkness in heaven that day. The void is a blackened place. We are on fire on the day of the Lord for we were one with the Lord. In the realms of heaven closest to the Sun there-is "brightness" and we see the Sun. We see the Sun as we see the Earth and will see the Earth from the Sun. We are the Sun for we are brightness. Atoms dance and are the sound waves and dance and dance for God. Fire leaps from the Sun and dances in a similar way to lightness. We are light and drift. Drifting the light travels. Stars fall but we drift. Floating with the golden pattern of light we are clouds. Clouds and meteorite showers are the stars and could we be suspended? We are the stars in a past memory of ourselves, suspended. Reverberating we are for we were one with the Lord that day. God lived the life for we are. On the glory day of heaven we are the fire for we are the stars and twinkle in heaven for God. Your heart is your fire for Jesus. Red are the flames. In heaven in the fiery realm of heaven it is a different colour, slightly orange. Clusters of stars cause the fire.

In star clusters out there in the cosmos, we float.


Nicole Page-Smith