Friday, June 22, 2018

The Trinity is our water

The Trinity is our water

You could imagine it may rain at the end of the Earth but my feeling would be at the end of the world the Earth is going to be parched and hot and dry like a desert, there will not be any water. Perhaps with atomic energy there is a point of an explosion like an atomic bomb but matter keeps expanding. We are models for the Universe and our body expands from a single cell only to grow into our current human form. Cells in humans are programmed to die or age and do die away and our renewal can be to reproduce or have children. We are mortal only to die and the Universe is the same, nothing wants to live forever. However, God is immortal and does have "an infinity". Time and matter change in form as we change in spirit and go to the angels at death. God did try and explain love in our hearts by giving us a heart to feel with and we are made up of fifty to sixty percent water to flow life around in our veins. The spirit has a life. Drawing a cartoon for a painting is an expression of the spirit to take you to God.

What we see with Leonardo is a reflection in the mirror and why he could understand a reflection. Most are paintings and drawings of himself as religious or society figures, paintings commissioned by patrons of a certain class. The image in the mirror would look as familiar as our reflection but not what people see when they look at you, they almost see you backwards and not a reflection as with on a water plain. Maybe Leonardo even looked at his reflection in water instead of a mirror to sometimes distort his reflection. If you look at your reflection in salt water or the sea, you will not see a reflection, only the sky. We have to remember the properties, of water are predominately not known to "man" as they would have come from the heavens somewhere or God. The chemical elements of water are probably not a known mix, nothing we could mix in a physics class and do come from the heavens or the sky. Clouds filled with rain are waters evaporated from Earth and all the waters of Earth, including perspiration and water from plants or trees. We know God creates oxygen by photosynthesizing plants. I can imagine no one knows where water comes from and it would be as simple as all God's information or from the heavens somewhere.  Perhaps we do not want to know. The angels cry for us daily that we do not believe in Christ or our own reflection.

Our image is ugly to God if we do not believe in the water.  Water holds the fire and expands. We wonder if water is atomic and may be the key to our existence. We are probably too late to preserve the waters of the Earth. As time goes in the reversal of itself we look back at the beginning of time. The expansion of matter is the answer to our existence and the beginning and the end of the world happened in only a few hundred years from one another. Time reverses more than once. Water will come in floods and deluges and will fill all the rivers. But because of the reversal of time the whole history of the Earth and millions of years of the Earth will be reduced and one wonders if this is something to do with matter and how it reacts in water.

Characteristics of matter are known in the body as its mortal being. The body is half water. Programmed to age, the body is mortal and a similar reversal to time occurs in aging. Water flows with the spirit. The dove with the spirit takes us to God and several religions do communicate the connection with nature and the spirit. The spirit can have wings like an angel. It is as though we are to believe with the contemplation of Mary, the Virgin is somehow to divide our spirit and make it keep on dividing in a Christian way to become matter. The Trinity is our water.

Nicole Page-Smith