Friday, January 1, 2021

Our universe spins around us

Nicole Page-Smith, photographs

Our universe spins around us

Stars. Stars are saying. Stars are saying: "It is light".  The pathway is lit. Stars. Stars say. Stars say so. Twinkle. Twinkling in the sky at night, stars tell you of your pathway. We are stars for god, twinkling. When we twinkle, we are stars. We are stars for the light, for the light of god. Stars. All is written, written in the stars. The Christian pathway.

The pathway into the light is our Christian pathway but starlight. Starlight and the night. Starlight, starlight and the night could tell. We are stars for god and lit at night. Are you a star or god? Stars could tell and they could tell the history of the universe.

We are in reflection of the universe. If we were all the stars in the heavens, we would reflect all that has been like passing meteorites. Being the stars and all the heavens. Our history is reflected and as stars we shine. Shining we are the universe. All the history is revealed to us by looking in the mirror. Universes and heavens. The universe speaks of rock like fossils could speak of past species of creature. We are like matter accumulated and spinning on an axis. Our universe spins around us.