Friday, January 8, 2021

We are the light

Nicole Page-Smith, photographs

We are the light

We are like stars in heaven and shine to ourselves, daily and by night, shining. Our universe describes our face like mountains could describe the clouds. So, with mountains and clouds being the face we see as star, shining like the sun in the mirror, we see a universe in the nose and eyes of our face. We may see trees or grass, flowers and smile. God created our face as stars accumulated dust, matter and the universe. We are stars and god while the heavens are the body. When birds fly out of our face, we see the spirit, feathers can fall around in memory of trees, they once frequented. Nesting in our mind the spirit finds god.

With twigs in your hair, you find the light. Feathers, the nest has a lining. Birds chirp merrily away as though only in your mind but are reminiscent of the spirit's light and fly. The face holds the spirit like the mind. Hills demonstrate the nose while the gentle curvature of the cheeks are reminiscent of flowers in full bloom. Forests could take over the eyebrows and grow branchlike with your hair. Flight and birds give a glimmer to where the light hits the face and you are reminded of seeing birds fly in the sky. The whole universe is in a face.

The face of Christ is our face. Christ is the stars the universe knows to be god and our history in the bible. Christ's face is the stars in heaven. We are the light.