Friday, December 18, 2020

We are star

Nicole Page-Smith, photograph

We are star

Swallows and flying, flying. Darting with the insects. Spring brings the swallows, swallows flying. Spring and trees but the swallows like a rocky nook. Swallows flying, flying. Every spring brings with it, new life and we are reminded of the life of Christ. Swallows flying to herald the new spring. We live the life of Christ and swallows fly. Flying we dart around like swallows in spring. The renewal of Spring.

We are the light of Christ, flying and flying through life we are the spirit. Swallows seem to speak of the warmth of Christ as though Christ was amongst us in the warm days of the new Spring. We lead the life of Christ like the swallows and return every year for the warm air and the insects, not a Last Supper but a Passover and the Resurrection of Christ. Flying our life connects us by our heart to the Holy Spirit and god, we lead the life of Christ like the swallows. Darting around as they catch the insects in the warm air could be seen as a similar connection to god. We live the life of Christ and in Christ's light.

Light and the life of light is a Christian understanding of the stars. The stars are our light. The mystical pathway is in the sky. All is written, our pathway suggests the curve, the curve of Earth and if you think of all that is in the lightness of day then this will tell you our future. Our future is in the light of day. Stars write the way to night and the curve of night holds the darkness. Our human future is one.

One light is one god and one world. One star leads the way. We see our world in anticipation of light but all we see is Earth from an earthly perspective our world does not look similar from elsewhere in the one place god calls home, the Sun. God is the Sun like Jesus is the son of god and only has a human form for Christian human beings or the devil for everybody else. If our future was so evil, we could no longer live, in anticipation of god then, we would only see the devil. The future of our planet is not anything Earth would not have been without human beings. We are the model for all of the need of god and our future is as doomed as our death but has a forward thinking or a life from our death in a Christian way. We will be born to die. Mortal existence knows no immortality. The stars we see are in anticipation of the doomed existence of Earth or a suspension of our time as we are fated to die, so is Earth. We were not born to see the light. However, the light of god is our spiritual need. God gave us our mortality in the garden of Christ. Christ in the garden of our heart is too painful as we live the life of Christ. If we only knew we were not to see the light. Stars tell us so. 

We are star.