Friday, December 11, 2020

The Spring of a new day

Nicole Page-Smith, photographs

The Spring of a new day

If you think of flight and birds flying towards the light, swallows repeatedly circling to catch the insects, we are possibly realising the Christian association with ascension, Resurrection and the new born Spring. Rain and evening bring the insects about, swallows flying. Warmer weather and the swallows. Although our purpose is earthly bound and we do not suffer the Passover, we are of the spirit of Christ. We are taught of flight with birds but swallows tell of the heart.

Seeing swallows at certain migratory times of the year, solitary or in pairs takes you to a Christian need of the self. You feel Spring takes you to the light. We are the light of Christ and Christ is our blood. We are the blood of Christ as swallows have you know, flying. Birds flying and darting around the insects every Spring and you wonder how they could survive migrating from another place but they appear almost magically from somewhere else, to remind you of Christ and ascension, our Resurrection. Swallows welcome the coming of Spring and herald the new fair day. Welcome swallow to my Spring.  

Swallows flying. You could imagine if you were a swallow flying and darting around to catch the insects, they look all too human. Spring is the time to let go of all the past winter blues and resurrect the new. You feel your life is like a flight through a life similar to swallows flying, darting around and catching the insects at dusk or after Spring rain. Spring and all the flowers and trees back into bloom and an awakening of new life. Sky and the light, brings, stormy weather. The unsettling of Spring. We fly off with the swallows and as a swallow, dart about the insects. Spring swallows and temperate rain, welcome the warmer weather of Spring. The faithful joy of the new Spring. 

Flying with the swallows, Spring is heralded along with the warmer weather, swallows nominate the Spring. Warm weather and the birds have you fly along with them mentally in anticipation of light and longer days. The swallows seem to glide on the air pockets with their tail as a guide to chop and dart, quickly, moving freely, one way or another. The new days are announced and Spring is on its way. Swallows mate for life often returning to their old nest. Will the summer be a good spring? The Spring of a new day.