Sunday, November 1, 2020

When you say: "tree"

Nicole Page-Smith, photographs

When you say: "tree"

Trees are green and have leaves. Leaves are the green. We are light and as green plants breathe out their oxygen we breathe in. Breathing in and out. Green is our colour in the forest, we are green, the green, the grass. Grassy and green we are the forest. The forest green but are also the trees. Trees, green and a greener world. The world of trees we know as our own tree. We grow, we grow tree, tree oh grow oh grow, grow trees. Limbs expand.

Limbs grow and trees of the forest are in joy for growing and expanding upwards. I am tree when I am forest and tree. Blossoming trees nominate Spring and you feel them reaching in exuberance towards god. Birds fly through enjoying the blossoms and flowers and all the new green shoots. Spring and its exuberance when all of the creatures crawl out of the forest. Squirrels come out of their nest and the foxes growl. All the long, abandoned, bird's nests are reused. And the whole world sings in jubilation of the Lord: "Spring has come". Spring has come in the name of the Lord. Our limbs grow outward and we stretch and unfold like trees extending. Trees provide our very breath and oxygen for thinking. We think better thoughts surrounded by trees with trees thinking along with us. Trees thinking their thoughts.

Thickets, forest and undergrowth, all continue to tangle and grow in a way upwards and outwards to find the light, competing for sunlight. Trees think with tree companions with the animals for a communication with god and one another. You feel the trees thinking in anticipation of leaves and shoots. The undergrowth and thickets tend to sort each other out with big trees standing in the forest.

Stars have trees. In the forest you are forest when you say: "tree".