Sunday, November 29, 2020

A bird, flies through

Nicole Page-Smith, photographs 

A bird, flies through

Fly through. God flying, fly with the birds, flying. The light captures the light of the clouds as the wind dies down. They drift, drifting with the clouds, the wind flies through as with god. God flying. Clouds, angels and the wind. The wind flying and whistling by. The wind is the light, the light of god, blowing, the wind, the heavens with the clouds, in the sky, blow.

Light in the clouds and the sky, daytime. The light reflects in the clouds. Light, feathers and birds. The wind of birds flying by, they make a sound of the spirit, the spirit in the wind. Birds flying.

Birds flyings in the clouds. To fly through the clouds like a bird would be similar to the experience of the light in the clouds, needed or the spirit descending unto you. The relationship god needs you to have with the clouds is their light. Clouds drifting with the light, drift like the birds gliding on pockets of wind. Rose windows and churches could describe the light and the spirits ascension, Christ's relationship with heaven, through no greater reflection. Birds flying through the light are like the spirit of Christ and flight, our short journey on earth. Clouds drifting are blown away with the wind. A bird, flies through.