Saturday, November 14, 2020

Trees and the wind

Nicole Page-Smith, photographs

Trees and the wind

Light, sunshine and the trees,
blow around in the wind.
Blowing a gale, they blow,
trees, creaking, in the wind.

The sunshine of trees, the noise of trees in the wind, and walking in forests takes you to the birds. The birds, chirp and humour the ghosts. Historic trees like their companions and the sunshine, could tell more of the light. The sunshine has shone down for centuries on trees and the companions of trees, the forest with all its inhabitants. Trees tower and continue upwards into the light while sunshine filters down to the ground.

We travel forward and trees branch out. Past the tree branches is the sky and flying off skyward with the birds in our mind, we fly. Trees grow branches, leaves, sometimes flowers and the petals fall. Falling with the blossom and petals scattering, the ground, we think of times when bare limbed trees blew around in winter breezes and windy gales. Blowing around in the wind, blossom, scatters onto the ground. The leaves grow. Fruit and the apples, appear while birds seem jubilant and fly through. The seasons come winter or autumn, spring to summer bring light into the garden and a forest of trees. Trees and the wind.