Friday, September 18, 2020


Nicole Page-Smith


Gravity pulls on matter to make it tired and we know to die. Our death is almost the reversal of life. We are broken into the substance of spirit matter and float out to heaven. The rest of our body is taken by the earth and like trees we grow again of the soil of earth. Trees are like our blood and grow roots. Rooted down into the Earth they become, trees become us. We are tree. We are tree and all its branches but also simply enjoy the oxygen. Air like the spirit matter enjoys us. We fly off with the birds in a contemplation of ascension. Pulled down by the weight of life, we accumulate matter and grow as though in an expansion to then, get tired. Tiring of Earth, matter disintegrates only to reappear, elsewhere. We are the weight of the universe and all its light.

The light in the clouds, floats with us. Floating. Air floats down surrounding us like a cloud and rain. Clouds floating, the light from clouds has you feel like you're floating yourself like the birds, gliding. Wouldn't it be nice to be a bird, flying through the air? Surrounded by a cloud and contemplating, god, makes you feel like you are flying, transcendental and perhaps one day we will float with the clouds in our imagination but the clouds come to you to ground level. Floating with the clouds. 

We float and continue. Did you see the light today, the light of god? Clouds of rain, float off with the wind and the clouds. Clouds. Drifting. Birds flying and trees, birds flying through. You wonder what birds think on rainy days. Joyously birds twitter and enjoy the bath. Clouds elevate us back through the clouds. Drifting and thinking. The treetops tend to be communicating all day with the clouds. The birds agree. Our feathery friends speak of another ascension and a different relationship with god. Trees rise to the occasion with the wind blowing through the branches, creaking boughs and rustling leaves. Clouds cling to your ideas like they cling to mountains, drifting clouds take us to the light. Atmospheric light tends to describe the state of the universe and whole worlds of mountains of a wisdom of light. If we were clouds would we be thinking god's thoughts or just be clouds and god thinking?