Friday, September 25, 2020

Part of the sky

Nicole Page-Smith, sketchbooks.

Part of the sky

If you take your thoughts up the mountain you reach the peak. Light reflects. Stars reflect the heavens. Mountains appear to reach infinity at sunset. Mountains. Mountain peaks and light. The pinnacle of achievement.

Music soars with us up the mountain as though concerts were played in their very depths. Heights and the height of a concert with full orchestra take you to places where you can hear the music. An achievement of the clouds is god. Heaven is therefore, an experience god wants you to think about. Spiritual light. Elevation and spiritual thoughts are like the music. Composers and music take you on a journey.

Thinking and the thoughts of god have light. Clouds float you along with thinking.


Light is in their thinking, the thinking of the clouds. Light, buoyant and floating, clouds. We are surrounded by clouds and float. The air is for our thinking. We are cloud when airborne and god. Spirits cling with rain born clouds. Clinging damp and on the mountain, clouds peak in atmospheric light with rain. Spirits arise. Clouds drift. Thoughts. Thoughts, thinking they are clouds. God. God thinking. We drift like we are immersed in a cloud of thought. Clouds think for you. Raining on your mind, ideas, dream. Dreaming, thoughts, float in and out like clouds and we are left to contemplate. If we thought like god and the clouds, we would be like birds passing, through and feathery. Feathers and wings.

Beating, the heart beats. Feathers. An eiderdown on your mind of dreaming and thinking. The heart beat of birds in the hand, let go. Birds fly away. Clouds of thought, fly through in a similar way as birds, flying. Racing with the clouds, ideas pass through and the heart beats. A revolution of the heart and we are back into the light. Matter, form and light have ideas for you with the clouds thinking and breathing for you. Wings, beat like the heart and flapping carry you. We are as buoyant as the clouds on a windy day. Clouds, clouds thinking, clouds, float and impregnated with rain, drift. We are clouds, after rain and thoughts of god. If god thought we were clouds we would be okay, airborne and part of the sky.