Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Endless light

Nicole Page-Smith

Endless light

Plants twirl and twist around one another as though some other entity is inside them other than matter, water or sunlight. We are turned around by god like the soil is turned over by a gardener.  Our starlight causes all we know as human but is predominately not human and although god is all the universe is made from like we are rocks and fossils gone through a chemical process to become human. So, how can matter make us grow? Gaseous juices form most of what constitutes human. All our diseases where written. We are god and all his writings and we were born of the star. Everything we are going to suffer has already occurred in the universe and in an expansion like population growth, stars form in the universe. Stars do hold the key to our knowing of the universe. Our universe is star. We were written in the stars. 

Stars writing. Writing with the stars. The mathematical equation of human beings is written. We write, stars write and keep us going as if we were a god. We are only the stars. The universe is for god but we are god. God is our equation.

Our equation is god and god, is the "darkness". In the darkness there will be light. Light is our darkness for we see the light. Stars illuminate. We are the light of the darkness and we are the light. God is our light but also our darkness. God is the darkness of the universe but also its light. Light and dark. Dark and light, we are god, the distance of the Sun. The Sun is our light. Although, the Sun died millions of years ago, we will be absorbed by its light, the light of the Sun. Energy and the energy of matter, created us along with light. Matter is god but not light. When total darkness invades the universe, we will not exist but this is how we were created, out of the darkness, we found the light. The light of darkness and the darkness in light. Light. Endless light.