Tuesday, August 25, 2020

We live to see the light

Nicole Page-Smith

We live to see the light

Matter is our history. We are light but only the memory of light. Life does continue and as day finds night so, does light find the darkness of space. Dark matter extinguishes light but is not in the reversal of light and almost absorbs light like energy is absorbed by the Sun. Light simply bounces off and reflects, we find the light in our soul like the fire. The soul has a life. 

The spirit has a substance. God breathes to your spirit to breathe in life. The life of the spirit is god. Our spirit's life in our body is like a light. When the light is extinguished, we die. The spirit becomes matter and god. Spirit matter and the matter of god are slightly different, one breeds life and the other is the light. The light of matter is god. 

All of the history of the human being equals the human being and we are like a walking, breathing, talking, history of the universe. We live.

We live to see the light.