Friday, August 14, 2020

Light of life

Nicole Page-Smith

Light of life

Infinity is the green of all nature. Infinitely green nature's very greenness is the important quality for protons to photosynthesise. Nature can describe the infinity of nature but this may be like saying "god" can describe, "god". Green is our nature. Green is the greenness. Green is our oxygen and greener planets exist other than Earth. We are only in existence because of the green substance of plants. The infinity of green. We will not ever not exist. 

We exist in substance. We exist in the infinite understanding of god. We will always exist for god as a substance for god but not necessarily for other human beings. To explain our existence is difficult for how did we exist for god before we existed on Earth for other humans as a race? Most Christians believe we were born of the garden and does this mean we grew up with the flower bulbs or were born in the garden of Christ? Born of the garden of Christ does mean born of the church. Saints enjoy Saint day.

We were actually born of the garden like the Earth. All the properties of earth needed for growing flowers, plants and trees is similar to the substance human beings are made from, the life. Life needs mostly all earth requires to grow anything. We grow, we grow of the garden. Infinity is as long as we have been here on Earth, in infinity. The spectrum of light has often been considered in an understanding of infinity. All of earth like the light spectrum of the rainbow describes life. You could imagine light explains life and all that shines. The physics of substance equalling, water, earth, air and light give off a light. We see with the whole spectrum of the rainbow not colour but light.

How do we see infinity? We see the light. Maybe death gives us an indication of the light of life.