Saturday, August 10, 2019

God bless the angels

Nicole Page-Smith

God bless the angels

Saint Cecilia heard the music, the music of God. Trees are like the spirit bird, the spirit bird flies like a dove. Doves fly with the wind. To fly as with God, the gods and the angels is to fly to the stars, flying. Flying with angels you go amongst the treetops but at night angels are twinkling down from the sky like stars but angels. Angels try and communicate to your heart via the music. And like the treetops pointing to the sky heaven meets earth amongst the tips of cathedrals. Cathedrals are as pleased as the birds amongst the treetops and sing with the choir, singing, the organ is playing and as birds fly by they may hear it but continue with the doves flying or circling like homing pigeons. Native bird calls can be heard in the distance and the birds appear to long for forest trees almost calling them and their bird friends with their birdcalls. You may sit amongst the church pews and listen to choirs and the organ but to hear the birds takes you to heaven and the treetops. You fly with the sky angels and fly as though the stars are out. Birds are nestled, comfortably in the trees but come morning you are awoken.

We fly with the spirit. Music is the wind. Lutes and woodwind instruments play the organ, piping sound. Churches are involved with the sacred and we are reminded of Saints, Saint Cecilia and her sculpture. A long history of the site of the church in Rome's Trastevere has the sculpture portraying the uncorrupted corpse of Saint Cecilia's martyrdom represent the spirit. We almost hear the angels for her and the connection between heaven and earth is well met. Trees start singing to us like the birds at dusk in Rome and we continue to feel the blessing of the Saint by God. Nature is always our blessing and our connection to the earth by our feet like the roots of trees in the ground makes you think of the sky. The sunny, warm days of Rome takes you further to the gods and the angels. The music of Baroque Rome is in the breeze, the church and strong history of religion but the music is with the birds and flight of the improvisation. Angels sing to us on Feast Day and as they did to Saint Cecilia for the celebration. We are the birds as with the Holy Spirit. 

God bless the angels.