Saturday, August 17, 2019

Angels fly

Nicole Page-Smith

Angels fly

Libraries of imagining and manuscripts of Bernini were as the metamorphoses and you felt as the sculpture, chiseled.

Chiselling trees in my mind I thought of God and his relationship with nature. Trees and nature and the divine sculptors of God have you imagine there-to-be sculptors in heaven or the heaven on Earth in gods divine garden. When God made the Earth, all nature and the garden as comets, meteorites and stars in heaven, we are reminded of the Earth and its nature. Tinkering away in heaven the gods may be thoughtful of the universe but thinking of immortal ideas and only in a vague way contemplating our Earthly needs. We are in reflection of their universe but only in part and in such a way unknown to man for mortal intelligence stops with our mortality.

Existing mmm...  

Leaves scatter on by. We see the trees and through the trees we see the light. Seeing the light the trees are like the stars and shine in the rain. More constellation then, star map branches of the trees represent the cosmos in the divine geometry of nature. Your fingers extend. Reaching upwards like branches and new tree shoots with the leaves you extend. Extending upwards your leaves quiver and a gentle breeze blows through you. Blowing with the wind, tree leaves scatter in autumn until trees are bare. Birds fly above in the sky. Flying with the trees and blowing in the wind birds feel free in flight. Flight is the flying of birds and they glide in the knowing of flight as aeroplanes fly at night in the sky. Although, birds are more asleep in the trees at night they too spread their wings as though in the omniscience of flight. The airports are the trees. Landing on branches must take some skill without flight towers. However, with wings flying would be upon wing from the nest. Flight with the branches, the trees and the birds takes you to the forest and you are as familiar with the streams as though the ancient mythology of Rome and Greece were the trees, themselves. Nymphs may appear but leaves scatter and you walk on by. The bare trees lay barren in winter with the odd empty nest and the birds fly off to another place. The wind of nature carries forth. 

Trees are there for God. Nymphs of the forest and worth frolic in the woods where Daphne called the forest her home and river gods are another matter. Stars are present in the sky at night but oh the moon. Forest of the tree gods, the odd nymph and the stream are a river in the knowing but are of worth to God as the tree is to the forest. Woods are there, too and creak and groan in the wind. The immense noise of a forest is something to walk through in your mind with gently rustling currents of streams and bird flying through. Screech owls pass through at night but oh the hoo. Hooting owls and creatures of the night are their for the gods of the night but oh the sleeping owl. Forest flora and fauna grow resplendently in Spring for the creatures of the forest floor to live amongst but come winter snakes can be found asleep. All number of forest creatures frequent the forest floor and oh the branches waiver in the breeze. Tantalized by all God and the gods have on offer the trees, grow and experience new spring bursts of growth. New leaves, flowers and branches grow forth to entice the birds and they love the forest. The new seasons encourage a whole universe of activity for birds and creatures alike but the trees sit there for God, quietly observing. Blessed with the spirit of nature trees are there for the birds and God. 

Angels fly.