Thursday, August 9, 2018

Measured we are by the shoreline

Measured we are by the shoreline

Our minds expand. Contemplation is the shore we view but an ocean where once we were. We view the sea. Your mind travels to the oceans of Venice or to Greece on a journey not travelled only imagined. The gods took me there, to the islands, one day to windy islands for gods only. In books, pictures, philosophy came of the same water, the beautiful ordered universe where oceans would be. Beaming down on us like the sun on the sand, sun baking, the shoreline, we wandered for hours undisturbed by everyone and everything, bar the music of the ocean. Roaring the ocean played with light. I remember the cats of Greece and the hills and mountains of old temples, crumbled down to their stones, lying there like some ancient god pushed the columns over, long ago. Giants and gods walking the earth, you are taken on the Odyssean journey and are blown off course only to find another island, gods jealous of your arrival, old gods and new. We travel the oceans in our mind.

Churches take you into an interior of the mind sometimes with the Virgin Mary glowing in front of a window. Praying mourners, mourn their loved ones in side chapels, weeping openly in full view. Some churches in Venice are best viewed late in the day. Venice is a place with the sunset in view. The gondola rides feel like they are for the last ascension with ghosts and a haunting tale or memory of old films and books. Literature takes you to oceans and we are reminded of Venice water taxis giving you the guided tour around the water canals, so much history. Lapping with the waves I am taken to my shoreline with a similar inner cathedral and nature to view. Looking at the ocean you are not reminded of the ancient quality of the sea or how old the planet is, perhaps a god holds our emotions in the present and they ride the waves. The order is our chaos. Chaotic our emotions flow. The spiritual necessity of the sea is where the ocean meets the sky and sometimes the shoreline. We walk like monks by the ocean shore and are reminded of Romantic philosophy of other centuries gone by but somehow in modern day clothes. The chances are our ordered chaos is a god and our emotions are taken with tidal waters. Ebbing and flowing they flow, an ordered pattern in the universe and emotional energy seems to drift off with sea breezes. We contemplate the sea. 

Standing on the shoreline we are reminded of the clouds pregnant with rain, rain drifting and storms out to sea. Standing in the light of the silvery clouds we are undetermined. The direction of the rain, winds, storms or how long we have before it rains. The shore is gathered with people, Sunday strollers, their children, loved ones and pets, dogs swimming in the ocean, racing around you chasing one another, socializing. You walk quickly along for the tide is often rising and in a lost memory, your shoes get wet. We are reminded of all the mammals of the oceans, of whales, dolphins and further out to container ships and pleasure cruises. We are taken by the ocean memories of old love affairs, sun baked and seafood dinners. The crispy feeling on your face with too much sunshine, salt and surf. Swimming all summer on a hot summers day, views of the ocean and happy times in love. The philosophy. Waters, oceans that could meet any shoreline, we are taken to nature, nature walks and forests have the same cool breezes, shaded by trees. In the shaded late afternoon after full day sun, the ocean shoreline is our place. The philosophy of the same water and the beautiful universe where the oceans would be is by the shoreline. The shoreline will have to be measured.

Measured we are by the shoreline.

by Nicole Page-Smith