Saturday, August 30, 2014


Demonic powers are not there for general usage. To destroy evil, God has to use strong force. The wheel is in the reverse. This fortune is not forgotten and there is no purpose for evil in God's divine realm. Look from left to right so, Satan does not cross your path. Blinded by starlight turned black earth demons trespass where they are not welcome but God does not let them into the realm of his sacred garden. Love in the garden of Christ is not a place for the devil to frequent, turn the wheel. Darkening of Gods divine wisdom equals death. Death in the garden of Christ is Anti-Christian. Hermetic philosophy did issue forth the devil from you garden, the devil take the devil away and Hell is for demons only. The wheel observed clockwise takes time to meet dark matter and dark Hell to devil's dirty people. How long does it take to be evil, fifteen minutes longer than it takes to be blessed! God does not forgive the seventh evil Sin in Hell. Hell's wheel take the filthy, dirty seven to the devil.