Sunday, August 3, 2014


The Philosophical Tree should not be covered in ravens. Why take black to white. Divine information usually should be kept underground so the evil do not trespass and kick around  in the rose garden of God's divine knowledge. God takes evil to Hell and the dumb by evil to Satan for reassurance, love's security. Mystical philosophers unfortunately have annotated God's divine understanding of the crown into an image, this is taking God's information to evil or Hell. Crow's feet should not line the way to Sin. In the history of England nominated evil flew as the crow flies, all the way through farmyards to the biggest cemetery and the smell of death. Like most birds who perform the cleanup job for God, vultures fly around dying animals like crows and ravens, smelling the decay, God needs the animals to be disposed of quickly with all the rest of Gods disposable unit of mites and insects to break them down to a skeleton, dark matter or earth in twenty-four hours, so as not to have other scavengers alerted. Humans are not too dissimilar with philosophy. Ideas should be sacred to God and your philosophy is put to the test to see who are sacred to you or who should be thrown to the crows for scavenger meat. Evil has no place in the garden.