Friday, August 1, 2014


In the darkness there is always the light, the light of God through the stars. Stars light the way to God. I am in the forest of my mind and God took me to look at a tree and this equals the books you read not in paper or where paper comes from but in knowledge. The tree in the garden of love equals the tree roots right down to God. The star of God is not supposed to look like Satan but take your tree roots unto evil and he will punish you. The tree of God equals Sin if God is not loved in the garden. Roses are red, trees tell you this and the trees start crying like the angels of God for mercy if you do not love him. Why is Daphne red for Germany, it is felt she is the tree of life nominating the heart and the colour of coral is where Germany finds the entrance to the Aladdin's Cave or Heaven, perhaps this is what they look for on their way through, some red coral at the bottom of the sea. The tree branches look like the ventricles of the heart or the central nervous system. Maybe God is trying to send a message through our hearts for man to know where to find the entrance of Heaven.