Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Rocks do have a life and then expire. Several minerals in the earth are earths deposits of this material and should not be removed by human beings, they are there for a purpose to meet the equilibrium for God. Rocks like old stars explode after time and cause meteorite showers in space and volcanos under the earth, they would be just as hot out there in space otherwise they would not travel to the speed of light. Molten lava spews out of the earth with the volcanic activity and usually cools down quickly depending on the earths temperature at the time and cause more deposits of rock, sometimes causing creators and other times a mountain. For example, Carrara marble use to be under the sea but a volcano would have distributed it through the northern mountain ranges in Italy. This would be why the Tuscan plains would have such fertile soil and companioned food from volcanic ash. The rock and the mineral distribution created by Gods divine hand via Moses would also encourage plant growth. Forests also turn to rock after God has finished with them and this kind of carbonized rock would have a shorter life span but would create very fertile plains for more plant life. Nature would have these by the sea to cool the rock down more quickly. Volcanos are quite prevalent under the sea for other reasons for God and the fishes to know. The water table under the sea and the very reason our planet has an ocean is to keep the waterways flowing for tidal reasons unto the moon. Sulphur is one mineral that sometimes makes its way out of earth deposits, this results in vaporization sometimes accompanied by rock pools and bubbling mud.