Thursday, August 14, 2014


Adam and Eve were joined at the hip or at least Eve was born from the leg of Adam. This kind of budding or cloning process is a way some organisms lower down the kingdom reproduce or some have both sexual and binary reproduction methods. This God needs for division, including making the species combat disease differently to prevent wiping out a species with one given disease, sexual reproduction makes the difference. Plants can reproduce themselves also with budding of a different variety, sometimes called grafting with human intervention or use natures divine gifts of the birds and the bees. Humans tend to be influenced by the earthly flow of the garden or Gods divine philosophy of not only your male or female side but what side of the moon we are born on. If you ask God, God will tell you whether to have a boy or a girl baby to keep up the balance. Androgyny occurs with the separation of the Sun and the moon or when you are born at high tide. Eve was born of Adam in the garden of Paradise, so not only could man have companionship and a variation of Adam and Eve but difference.