Saturday, August 23, 2014


The centre of man creates a circle. If we equate the centre of the body as equalling where you were fed by the mothers womb, this centre is equated as the centre of the earth mother or mother nature, the earth's centre takes you via the stars through the universe, the centre of the human takes you via God to yourself. Is the universe God? God tells us he is everyone and everything so the universe is part of God as well. God took us to our mother to have us born under a nominated star. If we equate the body with the earth, your centre would be an entry to the stars of the universe, the womb with a woman and the stomach of a man. What is God trying to tell us here? Good food makes merry men! The body Holy divine is your centre circle and the garden is your pathway to God's love. The centre of the skull is where we find God telling us we are hungry and this entry into the universe of God feeds us food out of his garden. Food for the love of man and the love of the body is Gods way of telling us God loves us to participate in his Holy divine garden. The garden of man, the garden of love, the garden of Heaven, the garden of the heart and the garden of God's centre circle, man, equals human divine form. The circle is divine form.