Tuesday, August 5, 2014


When we circle our philosophy around time, the one point or given moment in time to equal who you are in eternity is what God wants us to concentrate on, it seems. An understanding of time has to include the eternal so we can judge distance. The infinite equals God but so does the human being equal God and the eternal equals man. Time concentrated into a point of time is the one moment concentrated into being. How the human heart works is complex with most people reiterating the one point in time where God, the angels and Heaven seemed to intermingle in the garden of philosophy of their hearts, ascending them unto him. However, the eternal clockwork mechanism circumference of the globe or circular rotation feels like the centre of a clock face is the God point in your heart and the hands of the clock keep evaluating the time it takes to judge eternity or God in the garden. God's love sometimes takes time in other human hearts for you. God love the apple tree.