Sunday, August 24, 2014


We have three different types of memory. The brain is a complex structure of muscle cells and can be trained up like your leg muscles for a running race. The brain is more compressed and a bigger muscle. Three lobes do support the brain and are there for good purpose, mainly protection. The frontal lobes are to do with emotional capabilities. The side lobes are to do with the left and right activities of the brain, for example, imagination on the left and rationality on the right. The rear lobes at the base of the skull are only there because we do not have eyes in the back of our heads or for protection of foreign bodies so, are completely sensory. The rest of the brain is a storage facility for memory and is capable of a massive storage unit of thousands of images. Memory does not recall these for everybody though and certain lower down in equation of bloodline do not possess the recall facility as not all of their lobes are fully developed. For other bloodlines this takes work and can be re-established from a lack of awareness at birth. Retraining the brain with injury is also possible but often will not restore memory. The collective consciousness is restored with sleep as is emotional trauma and stress. This inner reflection or mirrored consciousness in a reverse order allows the brain to reflect from the left to the right. Lesser bloodlines do not possess this function and are usually better off not thinking. God needs these people to till the garden, only.