Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Angels give you the language in your hearts and God gives you the love. The script and the seal is the language of God. Language has been documented for as long as man has been here. The language of the stars is the language of the angels for God. Written language was introduced like a Hieroglyphics of Gods divine language for the gods, angel speak for the angels and God speak for the heart. The script is sealed at birth but God has to find your angel compatriots, those who can read the language of your heart. This is a special place and few people are welcome. The language of the angels is written in the script for man to decode like a cryptic crossword, this is also something to be reinterpreted and similar to reading a book with your own evaluation through you heart, every conclusion would be different. God seals your heart if nobody can interpret the script. Angels take you through the clouds and you talk to God in the garden, the garden of the sky of the heart. The script is sealed.