Friday, August 29, 2014


We think about the divine form of man equalling man and our divine geometer equalling God. So, with divine geometry, this appears to be something to measure. Will we ever be able to decipher God and his divine message for us and does he need us to? If we were to measure God's measure of love, is this measurable? Maybe how big is your heart and how deep is your love? If matter were to describe everything we are this would equal the smallest particle of who we are, a simple cell. The nucleus describes who we are and everything we are going to achieve with our love for God. When the spirit becomes matter, at death, we take ourselves to our nominated star and God blesses us in Heaven. The triangle is different shaped in the diameter of your heart and this is Gods divine shape in you, the divine geometry of your heart. Measured by God and the gods at birth with the pathway guided by your star by this rod and measure God wants to show you who you are.