Friday, August 22, 2014


Blood is Christ. The reflection in the mirror of the heart is not in reverse if your were to conceptualize this, not that we do anything than imagine what it would look like. The camera reflects our image in reverse and this is how one would see themselves in the mirror but the reverse of how a person looking at you sees you. God sees you from the inside of our hearts and at least God knowns who you are, God would see how you reflect his love and participate this to others. What you are inside is reflected in your love. God knows when you have been evil and when you reflect this Sin. Christ made friends with the people on the streets and nobody knew his friends, this Jewish approach to the love of the Lord had him crucified. Being the son of a carpenter, he would have grown up outside the workshop, on the streets. Christ was born for the love of God to take place and still two thousand years on people do not want to accept his love in the garden of their hearts. Christ is blood.