Sunday, August 10, 2014


The vegetables in Gods divine garden are not to be picked just tossed in a salad. The chemistry of the work of God adds flavour to your salad. So, sometimes orange vegetables are for you, if they are seasonal. Ask God about the chemical equation of his garden salad and what is there for you. The vegetables of Gods divine garden are picked by the garden growing people. They do have a purpose unto God but few people know God in their hearts as God equals the vegetable chemistry on their plates. Plates of food for most are enjoyable with Summer salads, a change from seasonal greens and Winters orange vegetables on the plate. Plant pumpkins come Spring to suit the Summer bees. Do not consume honey in Spring. Plant your potatoes when Winter falls and get a Summer crop. Orange vegetables can consume other varieties of plants and help propagate your potatoes. God's garden is full of good things for humans to consume and keep away the Winter chills, God bless your gardens.