Thursday, August 28, 2014


If we consider the planets revolving around the Sun and the moons around the planets, why do they move? Why do they revolve? What is the purpose of this for God? Mostly it is considered a fact that in space there is a vacuum. Infinite space does not equal a vacuum. Stars move in the vacuum, also. Therefore, one would consider there is a magnetic pull of the Sun and the magnetic pull of the planets would associate the gravitational pull. Mostly if you consider we stand on earth like a magnetic force, you could comprehend a magnetic pull. We are able to walk around freely as the planets are able to move around the Sun but we do have a destined path, the planets are not just moving around at their leisure, they move according to the cycles of the moon. Then out in space we have black holes and these act like a vacuum cleaner, doing Gods divine housekeeping cleaning up the broken down stars. So, the magnet and whirl behave approximately like the Rene Descartes philosophy of the valley and the mountain.