Monday, August 11, 2014


Serpents with the tail in their mouths equal Creation, the renewal of the soul of the world, the beginning of the seasons and all plant life. The rejuvenation of the serpent occurs as a result of the work of God. Other cultures have a similar understanding of a serpent cleansing souls of all evil, the serpent lives under the ground as well as close to the shoreline. The Creation of the world occurred from the serpent being laid in the earth by God. The serpent laid the egg of Creation in the earth so that the human race could participate in Gods divine knowledge. The earth represents God for the serpent. Serpents curl their tail and regenerate with the shedding of their skin, this is like God shedding the golden leaves come Autumn, the work is complete. The serpent consumes dark matter to cure the earth of evil. This regenerating self-consumming process is for God to supply the ground we walk on, the stars tell us this and form a circle in our hearts, dark matter to the garden of renewable life.