Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Encrypted in the fortress are 722 entrances to the cave. So, says the mandala of the time-wheel. You would be thinking premise this could describe the number of deities or priests come demigods since the fortress was built but why does it sit on a mountain if God was trying to tell them to ascend? The fortress equals the crypt or their entrance through the centre of the mountain to Heaven. This should not be the human entrance though or the spirit unto death. The language of God could be baffling in Chinese Tibetan. One priest is chosen by Buddha to travel and ascend the knowledge, born on a wedded night with Christ. He would live in a Tibetan Buddhist shrine, sometimes called a monastery but for the high order. Nominated priests visit the West to principal the word of Lord Buddha in lecture series. There would be three levels of the crypt like three divine sections of the body. Body one includes the body or physical divine body. Body two describes the word of Lord Buddha and level three describes the spirit of Lord Buddha, three entry points or three ways to Lord Buddha, the heart, the soul, the mind or spirit, Lord Buddha. Western Christians would be thinking of the garden of Adam and Eve, where you have thy self to equal Christ, thy spirit to equal God and thy nominated one to equal wedded bliss with the Lord, sometimes loosely interpreted as thy wife. This Trinity entrance is of equal importance but the Chinese and Tibetans do not think anything like their Christian counterparts. So, the fortress of the work is encrypted in the garden.