Monday, August 4, 2014


The Sage told me to pay attention to the work. Work hard in the garden and the honeybee may pay a visit through your rose garden to fertilize the roses. Concentric circles have a separate radius. If we separate the idea to create a radius then we have two separate pencilled circles with a different centre. This also represents the three places you have to notice about our skull to find the centre. This kind of divine geometry was something highly praised in Renaissance Italy. A model was used for instruction to learn geometry. Why does God want us to be hungry for this knowledge in the garden and why does God's divine work in nature point this way for all to know and none to listen? So, we observe the seasons and this takes our bodies to fresh fruit in Summer, cottage jam in Spring and mulberries to blackberry pudding. Lemon citrus tarts take us to Heaven on a chocolate wing. This nectar of God, ambrosia honey to wine is the nectar of the gods, the water nymph tells us this to take us on a pathway to God at death. The renewal and the cycle of life have to be encouraged by love in the garden.