Monday, August 18, 2014


If you equate the philosophical egg to the human being, the hardened shell would be the soul, the air sac the spirit, the embryo the womb or capacity to regenerate by reproduction. Hatching out of the egg would happen like the resurrection of the spirit in your early thirties when ascension takes place or when you are taken to God to share your sheltered view. After this death or tearing away of the shell like a veil, all time freezes and the garden of nature is revealed. The garden of the heart by the spirit ascends your love and philosophy of the garden of Christ to the stars. God loves you in the garden of your knowledge you have reserved for him, a book of love. Sometimes mans limited view of earth and lack of knowledge of Gods divine garden is equated to the hardened shell, this opinion God struggles to enlighten people with and crack the egg. Scrambled eggs for breakfast should enlighten the way but not every human being gets God's divine message.