Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The church and its steeple

Nicole Page-Smith

The church and its steeple

In vast cavernous spaces, where cathedrals seek god, there is light. The light of god. Skies have light and the sun. Peering through light and behind the clouds, god finds you walking. God will find you. Finding god is a mission in his lightness and likeness of god. Trees, feathers and leaves, feather your nest, in hollows of trees. Birds.

You could imagine birds nesting in abandoned buildings or churches, flying with ascension wings to god, churches flying with the birds.

Flying buttresses and architecture. 


Birds flying and filling churches with ascension. God. Birds and churches, fluttering and angels. Churches full of birds. Abandoned churches and god. Angels and angels's wings, flutter to the ceiling. Birds frequenting eves. Everyone abandoned, lost faith, non-believers, wanders and vagrants, all gone. The faithless left long ago for the birds to take over and they sing in the trees.

God and the faithful.

Faithful churches fly with birds flying all around them, in the trees. Trees. Trees and nature. When birds fly through the church, you know you have seen an angel. Churches and god.

Open churches and their architecture take you soaring through the ceiling, up stained glass, windows and out to the light outside. You would wonder about light and how it shines, the interior of a church could reflect the light of god, an internal light and the spirit. The architecture and out flying with the buttresses, we continue to the elongation.

The church and its steeple.