Thursday, July 11, 2019

You may hear Bach from another century

Nicole Page-Smith

You may hear Bach from another century

Reading the clouds and patterns of the skies should be like reading the weather, music was written in the sky. Stars tell you the way but Saints show you the way. To heaven is the way and are the notes. Notes of music are like messages angels tell you. We listen to angels because they work in with God. Angels are always there for us on Earth but remind us of the heaven in the sky. God is the music. If we were given the gift of a composer either the music or the score to be written we would be given a part of heaven. Our spirit needs to know the way. The way to God is the message needed for the heart. We need indications all the way through our life 'what way is up' or where, heaven is in the sky. Clouds are a good indication of where the sky is as they travel along with the wind or the music of God. Heaven can equal the sunshine and all earthly happiness but can equal the darkness of the night sky with the stars. Where you find happiness is only nominated by God and where you find the music is in the heart. Stars and all nature are the music. 

The musical nature of the universe is for the love of God but trees are the music. Swaying in the breeze, birds flutter but trees have the oak. Stars fell on us from heaven on the day of the Lord. The Earth was only, inhabited by trees and birds. Big species of birds come from islands and places unknown to man. The trouble is we have never known the Earth as the Sun died millions of years before our existence. We are almost in reflection of the moon because we reflect the Sun. We are in memory of the Sun for the Sun had light. We irradiate energy. Stars and the moon take us further to something we are for God.

We are the light of God, the sunshine. Music provides an insight. Light is the darkness for the stars and the moon and travels for light years until you feel you may hear Bach from another century. 


John William Waterhouse, Saint Cecilia, 1895