Friday, March 18, 2016

Stars race through Saints

Stars race through Saints

by Nicole Page-Smith

In the garden of virtue we have angels of mercy. The Saint walked her pathway. Flora resides there, to talk to the flowers. Trees are welcome in the garden for the fruit. Mercury has picked the fruit. Venus saw the world go around for another festival Season. Sometimes a gentle breeze blows in the gardens of Spring. Divine creatures are noticed at the water's edge. Nymphs are the goddesses of love for the garden trees and plants of nature. When, love occurs in the garden of Spring, you see the starlight and God blesses the garden. The Saint walks on. Stars are seen at night and Saint Mary Magdalene walked through her garden, alone. The stars, God provided for view, in the garden of love, in the sky or Heaven, the Saint held her heart in view. We wander a pathway. On the edge of the world Saints travelled far and they travelled the Christian way. Stars guide you to your garden.

In the garden we are graced, the three in one is a gracing by God. Three places are we graced, by the tree, by the tree's friend, the flower and by the flower's companion, a gentle breeze. Beware of Chloris. New Spring is the new growth. The graces three appear in the garden to grace the Earth for new have fallen. The graced dead are that of Heaven. Heaven is the garden in Springtime. We are graced by virtue, chastity, charity and the love of the earth. Springtime in the garden is the goddess Flora and she grows of the Earth for she is Flora. The underworld within the Earth is where the flowers Spring, trees come forth there, too and the gentle breeze spreads pollen with the delicacy of a bee's wing. God provides Earth and Flora, for she is graced. The god of love is also, the god of the garden and Venus is in full view. The Saint Mary Magdalene walked through, to bless the Earth, for her star path was noticed and this was her duty to God. In Spring, you will notice the Saint in the sky for the Saint Mary Magdalene is now part of Heaven. Cycles of the Earth perform virtue. We are graced.

Butterflies are found there and so are their wings. God left other pairs of butterfly wings in his heavenly Divine garden for angles to place on gods. Is our vice to be human? The gods live in your garden like potted plants. Spirits of Spring fly around like the birds and are noticed in the birds. We walk through the joyous garden and see the glorious nature as it speaks to our heart. The gods rise and fly through you. Birds flying through you would make you feel ephemeral and Spirit form. When birds fly through you, you are blessed. Saints walk to your heart and through you with their love of God. Gods notice the stars in you and God only recognizes Heaven, we are all starlight to God. The stars pass through you in Heaven with starlight. As we fly and travel through our garden as if by night or by day traveling through the Universe with the planets and stars racing through us, we are blessed by our angel. Saints walk their pathway.

Stars race through our heart until the time we are blessed. Universes are for us to walk on. Do you walk that way? We walk our pathway as if through our planet rock and starlight hits us in the face. We are a planet Earth like an old star crumbling to dust and stars crumble as we walk. Rocks are our reflection as they reflect starlight and Heaven is the stars. Saints are blessed and taken to God as they only see starlight in their garden. We walk with the stars and they walk with the Saints. Night becomes day. Stars appear to travel to Heaven as though we project stars to God. Our thoughts must emanate starlight for heavenly angels. Divine thoughts translate God from starlight and stars are like angels in Heaven. Saints walk amongst the stars. In our heart's garden, we see the love of God. Wings are as though through stardust and the rustle of the breeze. Light reflects all around and the plants reflect the leaves. Walking through is for us all and we walk our star path. Trees in your garden live in starlight. Divinely your heart reflects the sky. Gardens are thoughts for your heart to enter starlight as gods and God live in your garden. We are, blessed by the stars and Saints walk through you, to another Universe, of God.

Stars hit you like comets in the face. Shooting stars, burn through you and you are blinded, by your inner light, of God, while, Saints, walk on by. You are a moon face to God. We beam and the stars shine in the night sky. When, you have found your garden, the stars race through you at night. There is darkness during the day. Stars travel through you as though you are another Universe. God needed Saint Mary Magdalene to find herself in the garden and stars took her there, to the garden of the heart and that is death. A, contemplation on the Saintly life, of God, is a contemplation of the sacrificial body or death. We walk in the garden of Christ. The stars walk with you. Pathways are for you to walk along. We walk in tongues. We walk in feet. We walk in two. We walk in three. We walk for God. Are there ears and tongues in your garden for the Lord? The owls fly past your moon on a graveyard lit night. The Devil sings your song. We are talking about death in the garden. Stars race through Saints.