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Carlo Crivelli

Carlo Crivelli, Saint George Slaying the Dragon, c. 1470

Carlo Crivelli

Others artists of the Squarcione workshop in Padua such as Carlo Crivelli, employed a far more stylized technique. One is reminded of the fruit laden embroideries of the house of Este and a nature theme that seemed influenced by thinking about Saint Anthony and his journey to God through the heart. The heart being a metaphor for Gods love and the fruits of the earth being part of Gods divine, heavenly domain. Donatello attributed to this theme in his Basilica of Saint Anthony or a high altar for his tomb. Again God is received by the journey of the saints and the garden of the heart is often obtained by a deep contemplation of the spiritual self. This feels like it was an ascension message often profoundly reflected upon and one is taken to God through a flower, a piece of fruit or a whole divine garden, to the heart. Through nature equalling God, one feels transcended to the heavenly sphere and all that is nature, including human form is reflected in the clouds, the sky and the stars, then reflected back again via God in nature.

Cosme Tura

Cosme Tura, Madonna with the Child Enthroned, 
ca. 1470, National Gallery, London