Friday, May 21, 2021

The infinity of sea

Nicole Page-Smith, photographs

The infinity of sea

Birds flying. Birds. Trees have eyes to look at you, they hear you coming through their forest and alert the birds. Trees communicate to all the animals in the forest. Birds flying, flying through, the forest. A bird flying is reminiscent of angels flying. The spirit flies with the birds as you walk through the forest, to the treetops, flying and past the tops of trees, to the clouds. Spirits fly with the clouds and the wind. The noise of forests blowing in the wind, creaking and groaning is like the church choir singing. You are taken to the interior of wooden churches where beams form a function beyond trees. Stones appear to roll at the bottom of streams and the rippling water could be confused with music and resonant stone. Stones have eyes and look at you in a stone sort of way, appear to be looking.

Looking at stones, eyes appear and are embedded in stone. You would think the sea would show the eyes of stones from the bottom of the earth but, the earth has eyes to see god, God has eyes to see the sky and the clouds have eyes to see you. Eyes have mountains and the volcanic activity of mountains produces eyes of stone. Eyes of stone have mountain ranges and look but do not see you, they only see god. Now eyes of stone do see the sea and look to see the ocean tides. Oceans of experience have eyes and porpoises look at you in ships sailing by, sea lions roll about in the waves of the ocean. Sailors are told of incoming rocks out at sea and the sea mammals alarm them while lighthouses shine on the rocks and out to sea. We are sea and rocks and all the oceans see god. God oh earth oh ocean see, we are god and all her eyes of the ocean, sea.

Sea in the ocean we ask you for your eyes to see. "Do you see our future and bounty of the sea?" We are the sea and all the oceans and the eye of the god of the sea. We are oceans for god where god is the clouds and the rain, the sea and all the waves. We wash the oceans for the floor of the sea but the fish, see. You may ask all the fish of the sea for her bounty but oh the bounty of the sea. Seas are oceans for the sea but oh the ocean and to sail the sea. Sea oh ocean sea. The infinity of sea.