Sunday, November 10, 2019

Immortalized by the moon: Black

Nicole Page-Smith

Immortalized by the moon


When you think of the other side of the moon you are taken beyond it and keep travelling with the clouds. Several paintings spring to mind where the moon travels through madly racing clouds conjuring up images of light rather than darkness.

At night to see the moon in the sky has you wonder about our age as a planet and the age of the moon has you wonder about all planets and their age. The ancient feeling of another planet shining in on us has you wonder about other planets also seen in the sky as stars. We reflect the moon and wonder why the moon feels older than the Earth. Old dinosaurs feel like our selves in natural history museums. Petrified and turned to rock, is this something we will become?

In the shadow of the moon often we feel the mood and emotion, darkening. Darkened by the moon is not anything evil but we travel past the moon. Darkness and the stars plants and the cosmos beyond are all we are, too, starlight for God. Black in the shadow of the moon we are immortalised as a shadow on our face. Soon the clouds depart, clouds shifting and moving like emotions and thoughts, drifting through your mind. Blackness is the velvety night on the other side of the moon.

The light of the moon is dark. The dark matter of the moon is the light. We travel past the moon and go to time. Dark matter is something to talk about but is the substance as the result of light. If you think of stars you may think of a light you see in the sky at night but we cause the light. Similarly, the light of god in us shines. Shining with the light of the moon is our day but not our night. Dark matter in a sense causes a rest of time like earth. If you covered a light source with earth it does not shine. Causing light to rest is like a rest, to rest at night or the eternal rest with death. And although dark matter is destructive and is a substance to put life at rest it is a substance to take us through the ages of being. Equally dark matter puts the universe at rest from light. A sleep is to restore the senses.