Friday, October 16, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 


We are deer for God. God is one with us. We are one with God. Our garden is our hollow, our cave is our deer and she is golden, for Heaven. Our love of the centre takes us to her and she is the Divine love of God. She is the moon and we are, the Luna, for her. We have a star place and a love of the Earth for we are, her centre, in Heaven. We equate ourselves to the Earth, to the Earth of Heaven. We are, the centre like the Earth and our centre is Mother Earth or her centre. We continue to be around her as we have thought and like the Luna facing of the moon, she is the face and our goddess. If the centre is our core, we are her being, for we are Mother Earth, her love and to entwine is to entertain her love. Her cosmos is our planet and we do respond to Jupiter.  Take love to her in the garden, when the deer are at home. Our entwining is her cosmos and we are gods of another, world, the Divine world of God, our Universe. In the garden she is at home. The world is our centre, the centre of another, world. The room has a golden ceiling. We are in love with God.

Our ceiling is our Heaven. The sky is our field. We see the Heaven that way. On the ground, our pathway, lay and we walk another, way. The route of the roadway, is far and a long way, to Heaven. We are, on our pathway, to Heaven, in May. Our field is where, our Christians, lay and there, were many there, in May. In the fields, is where, we play. We serve the crops. The sky is a lamp, for the way and our Sun, is the hay. The gods, who celebrate, our Christian, way, talk of love, for the hay. We are the one for God. Our pathway is set, with emblems, to nominate, where, they lay and they are buried with good purpose. We see the above ground, forms and these are natural in the rock, they spoke of the emblem and that was the Christian, way, a mother and child, for one and an emblem, of another. The Cross, is where, he lay.

In the ground is Christ, the stone of where she lay. We face God in the hay. Her womb is where she lay and the stone is her rock as through, her we see God. Through, the cosmos, we see, the Universe and we are, Universes, apart, from the hay and, this is where she lay in the hay, of Mother Earth. We are connected, to mother. The Earth is our seed for Jesus and he was born of the hay. We love Jesus, in May. The time of the golden is for the seasonal May as the Earth is for the May. We are golden and in Heaven. Gods communicate through their antlers. Spring flowers are in May. Deer have antlers for entwinement and that is, the will of God. They twirl and nominate upwards, for the growth, of our will. A Christian, parade, sees them frolicking and the deer, absorb the May, flowers, spread for, Summer, hay. When, we are cosmos, they say. The cosmos is the tree for the bark and they twirl and, curl all around as a reference to once they lay, on the Summer hay, deer with antlers, for the month of May. Spiring flowers for the month of May and a Christian day for God.

We see the gods that day and they love the Earth to be gearing for Summer hay. The planets revolve around the Sun and the gods observe the Earth, they roll and, tumble, in clouds of golden ascension and entwine, deep into the Earth for the mother, of nature, to observe, her freedom. The golden room, we observe, is our heart, for ascension and takes you to love, for the room is Heaven. The gods encounter your love. We ascend, true blessings, through, the cosmos, with the deer via their antlers, they are like antennae, communicating to God. The gods reside there, in your heavenly stag, they correspond, with Mother Earth and God, a love affair, known as Heaven. There is a blessing of the Earth for seasonal growth and our heart has little say. Be blessed for God. Our love affair, of Heaven, is for God and the gods, to take us, to our golden room. We ascend love for a blessing and the gods bless the Earth. We walk down, the pathway, for God, in the fields and love takes us a different way, to Heaven via the hay, for our deer. Where is our heavenly God, in Heaven or the hay? To communicate our love, is for the deer, in May.

To communicate to the heavenly one, love is on the way and merry in May. The planets are in alignment, to be noticed and we have all the colours of the Sun. Mars and Jupiter, through to Venus and Neptune, for the colour of the sea. The clouds show their light and peer through the heavens, for a light of a sunny day. We are the month of May. Circles and squares, can be noticed, in the sky, for the month of May, throughout and here, the planets tell you their names. We see Jupiter, in the West, on a hot Spring/Summer's day or Mars, off to the North, for the hay and our deer are foaled, in May. We entwine with the cosmos. Antlers are of the heat. We see the light and they shine. In the heat, of the day, we communicate that way and the sky shines, for May. Our planet, stars, in the night sky, of day, tell you of the incoming May and Autumn, is that day, for the correct sky line, they are drawn, in the ground and the pattern, draws the May like flowers, for the hay. Clouds are of May.